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In the fast-paced software and tech industry, qrunchin helps finance teams leverage instant insights to lead, grow and innovate.
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Empowering tech finance teams

qrunchin’s AI does all the data crunching work. So finance teams can drive decisions.


Get insights
Make strategic decisions with an unprecedented pace, adapting to the dynamic world of tech swiftly and efficiently.

Time, freed up

Time saved
Reduce hours spent on manual data evaluation, channeling that time into fostering innovation, improving operations, and aligning with business strategies.


Empower stakeholders with precise insights, minimizing errors and reinforcing trust in strategic decisions and financial foresights.
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Customer and User Growth Analysis
Understanding user acquisition, behavior, and monetization is key to a tech firm’s success.
With qrunchin: Analyze user growth trends, segment behaviors, and revenue per user in moments, aligning marketing, product, and sales strategies with data-driven insights.
Operational Expense and Resource Allocation
For tech firms, optimizing operational expenses like server costs, software licenses, and R&D can greatly impact profitability.
With qrunchin: Dive deep into expenditure trends and patterns, identifying opportunities for cost savings and efficient resource deployment.
Talent Growth and Analysis
Properly understanding headcount trends, hiring costs, and staff performance is vital for any forward-thinking software or tech company.
With qrunchin: Instantaneously analyze talent-related data to gain insights into hiring, retention, training costs, and employee performance metrics.
Stakeholder and Management Reporting
For tech companies, particularly startups, updating stakeholders on operational progress is crucial.
With qrunchin: Transform complex operational data into easy-to-understand analyses within seconds. Convey intricate tech narratives in a concise and compelling manner, fostering stakeholder trust and alignment.
Instant edition

Questions & answers

For more answers, see our Frequently Asked Questions.
qrunchin is a data analysis tool that turns any spreadsheet into insights in one click.

It helps professionals understand performance faster, more accurately, with no extra work or data resources.
qrunchin is designed for professionals who use spreadsheets: consultants, auditors, accountants and financiers who receive data from their clients through Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets documents.

Before using qrunchin, those professionals spent countless hours crunching data manually.

With the help of qrunchin, they have evolved to understand performance fast, accurately, and drive business decisions.
Users drop their everyday raw spreadsheets in qrunchin.

qrunchin’s AI identifies and analyzes relevant data from those spreadsheets. It then generates business insights and analytics on the fly, including charts, KPIs, and commentary.
Professionals mostly use qrunchin to get data insights, understand business performance, drill down into performance root causes, build and share weekly/monthly business updates, and run ad hoc data analyses.
Other analytics and business intelligence solutions, such as Tableau or PowerBI, require the implementation and management of a data infrastructure that migrates data away from spreadsheets.

Many small and medium-sized companies do not get value from such implementation or cannot afford it. They resort to manual data crunching to get business insights.

qrunchin works from everyday raw spreadsheets and requires neither a data infrastructure nor a bespoke development. It delivers insights to users within seconds.

For more details, qrunchin is compared with several solutions on our Comparison page.

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