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Where mission matters, qrunchin helps finance teams leverage instant insights to allocate resources efficiently, foster trust and maximize impact.
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Optimizing finance for greater good

qrunchin’s AI does all the data crunching work. So teams can focus on impact.


Get insights
Enable swift budgeting and funding decisions, ensuring that projects and programs don’t stall awaiting financial insights.

Time, freed up

Time saved
Minimize time spent manually sifting through donor data, expenditure reports, and project budgets. Instead, allocate more time to mission-driven activities.


Reinforce trust with donors, beneficiaries, and partners by offering precise and transparent financial reporting.
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Project and Campaign Cost Analysis
Effectively budgeting and tracking costs for both humanitarian projects and advocacy campaigns is pivotal to ensure their success and maximize their reach.
With qrunchin: Instantly delve into detailed project and campaign cost structures, allowing for optimal allocation of resources. Identify areas that may be over or underfunded, ensuring that both projects and campaigns remain within budget and achieve their intended impact.
Donor Fund Analysis
Tracking and analyzing multiple donor funds can be a challenge, especially when trying to determine utilization rates and impact.
With qrunchin: Instantly visualize donor fund allocation, identify under-utilized funds, and ensure that donations are directed towards pressing needs efficiently.
Operational Expense Analysis
Managing overheads and operational expenses is crucial to maximize the impact of every dollar.
With qrunchin: Analyze patterns in operational expenses, identify areas for cost savings, and ensure more funds go directly to mission-critical activities.
Impact Reporting to Stakeholders
For NGOs and non-profits, showcasing the impact of their work is as important as doing the work itself.
With qrunchin: Transform operational data into compelling impact reports in seconds, creating narratives that resonate with donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries, fostering continued support and collaboration.
Instant edition

Questions & answers

For more answers, see our Frequently Asked Questions.
qrunchin is a data analysis tool that turns any spreadsheet into insights in one click.

It helps professionals understand performance faster, more accurately, with no extra work or data resources.
qrunchin is designed for professionals who use spreadsheets: consultants, auditors, accountants and financiers who receive data from their clients through Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets documents.

Before using qrunchin, those professionals spent countless hours crunching data manually.

With the help of qrunchin, they have evolved to understand performance fast, accurately, and drive business decisions.
Users drop their everyday raw spreadsheets in qrunchin.

qrunchin’s AI identifies and analyzes relevant data from those spreadsheets. It then generates business insights and analytics on the fly, including charts, KPIs, and commentary.
Professionals mostly use qrunchin to get data insights, understand business performance, drill down into performance root causes, build and share weekly/monthly business updates, and run ad hoc data analyses.
Other analytics and business intelligence solutions, such as Tableau or PowerBI, require the implementation and management of a data infrastructure that migrates data away from spreadsheets.

Many small and medium-sized companies do not get value from such implementation or cannot afford it. They resort to manual data crunching to get business insights.

qrunchin works from everyday raw spreadsheets and requires neither a data infrastructure nor a bespoke development. It delivers insights to users within seconds.

For more details, qrunchin is compared with several solutions on our Comparison page.

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