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qrunchin empowers finance teams in SMBs, to understand performance faster, more accurately, and drive business decisions.
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Empowering finance teams

qrunchin’s AI does all the data crunching work. So finance teams can drive decisions.


Get insights
Uncover better, more accurate insights from operational data, and understand every facet of business performance.


Achieve deep, fast data analysis without the need for a specialized in-house data team, or infrastructure, or any extra resources.

Time, freed up

Time saved
Reduce hours spent on manual data crunching, enabling teams to focus on strategic analysis and decision-making.
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Performance Insights
Finance teams often struggle to grasp the full scope of their company’s operational performance, due to the time constraints and resource limitations of traditional spreadsheet analysis.
With qrunchin: Unlock immediate, comprehensive views of operational performance. Identify trends, monitor key metrics, and react swiftly to changes in business dynamics.
Operational Cost Analysis
Understanding and managing operational costs is crucial, especially when resources are tight, but manual analysis is slow and prone to errors.
With qrunchin: Conduct rapid, accurate analysis of operational expenses. Pinpoint cost-saving opportunities and optimize resource allocation, all while ensuring financial sustainability.
Talent Growth and Analysis
For both growing and constrained companies, managing and understanding the costs and impacts of talent growth is essential but often overlooked in standard reports focused on financials.
With qrunchin: Easily analyze data related to workforce growth, costs, and productivity. Make informed decisions about hiring, training, and employee development to support business objectives.
Stakeholder and Management Reporting
Creating comprehensive reports for stakeholders and management can be time-consuming, often leading to delays in communication and decision-making.
With qrunchin: Streamline the reporting process. Quickly transform operational data into clear, concise reports and presentations, enhancing transparency and informed decision-making across the business.
Instant edition

Questions & answers

For more answers, see our Frequently Asked Questions.
qrunchin is a data analysis tool that turns any spreadsheet into insights in one click.

It helps professionals understand performance faster, more accurately, with no extra work or data resources.
qrunchin is designed for professionals who use spreadsheets: consultants, auditors, accountants and financiers who receive data from their clients through Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets documents.

Before using qrunchin, those professionals spent countless hours crunching data manually.

With the help of qrunchin, they have evolved to understand performance fast, accurately, and drive business decisions.
Users drop their everyday raw spreadsheets in qrunchin.

qrunchin’s AI identifies and analyzes relevant data from those spreadsheets. It then generates business insights and analytics on the fly, including charts, KPIs, and commentary.
Professionals mostly use qrunchin to get data insights, understand business performance, drill down into performance root causes, build and share weekly/monthly business updates, and run ad hoc data analyses.
Other analytics and business intelligence solutions, such as Tableau or PowerBI, require the implementation and management of a data infrastructure that migrates data away from spreadsheets.

Many small and medium-sized companies do not get value from such implementation or cannot afford it. They resort to manual data crunching to get business insights.

qrunchin works from everyday raw spreadsheets and requires neither a data infrastructure nor a bespoke development. It delivers insights to users within seconds.

For more details, qrunchin is compared with several solutions on our Comparison page.

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