Beyond accounting figures:
data-driven advisory

qrunchin equips accounting firms with the business insights they need to stay ahead, drive value, and position themselves as indispensable strategic advisors.
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Empowering accounting firms

qrunchin’s AI does all the data crunching work. So firms can focus on clients and advisory.


Get insights
Dive deeper than traditional accounting metrics. Uncover patterns, trends, and actionable insights from operational data.

Time, freed up

Time saved
Redirect valuable hours towards more strategic tasks, deepening client relationships and exploring new advisory opportunities.


Deliver quick snapshots or detailed dynamics. Remain responsive, accurate and relevant in the face of varied client needs.
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Operational Data Turned to Insights
Traditional accounting services often leave vast amounts of operational data untouched, despite its potential to drive business strategies.
With qrunchin: Transform this wealth of operational data into actionable insights. Dive deep into marketing, sales, or procurement data, understanding the underlying trends, and advising businesses based on solid data evidence.
Crafting Data Narratives for Client Presentations
Presenting numbers without context can confuse clients or miss out on the true value of the information. Crafting a compelling narrative that brings data to life is often time-consuming.
With qrunchin: Turn complex datasets into business narratives, helping clients visualize their state and understand their areas of opportunity. Position your firm not just as number crunchers, but storytellers who make data relatable.
Transitioning from Compliance to Consultancy
The shift from traditional compliance-focused tasks to consultancy-based roles requires a change in the nature of services provided. However, moving beyond just reporting to actively advising can be challenging without the right tools.
With qrunchin: Elevate your consultancy services by leveraging insights derived from business data. Act as strategic partners to your clients, advising on market trends, potential growth areas, and risk mitigation strategies rooted on solid, relevant data analysis.
Freeing Up Teams from Number Crunching
Teams often spend countless hours manually analyzing spreadsheets, leaving less time for strategic planning and client engagement.
With qrunchin: Transform your team’s role from mere data analysts to strategic advisors. By automating the data crunching process, teams can focus on interpreting insights, brainstorming strategies, and deepening client relationships.
Instant edition

Questions & answers

For more answers, see our Frequently Asked Questions.
qrunchin is a data analysis tool that turns any spreadsheet into insights in one click.

It helps professionals understand performance faster, more accurately, with no extra work or data resources.
qrunchin is designed for professionals who use spreadsheets: consultants, auditors, accountants and financiers who receive data from their clients through Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets documents.

Before using qrunchin, those professionals spent countless hours crunching data manually.

With the help of qrunchin, they have evolved to understand performance fast, accurately, and drive business decisions.
Users drop their everyday raw spreadsheets in qrunchin.

qrunchin’s AI identifies and analyzes relevant data from those spreadsheets. It then generates business insights and analytics on the fly, including charts, KPIs, and commentary.
Professionals mostly use qrunchin to get data insights, understand business performance, drill down into performance root causes, build and share weekly/monthly business updates, and run ad hoc data analyses.
Other analytics and business intelligence solutions, such as Tableau or PowerBI, require the implementation and management of a data infrastructure that migrates data away from spreadsheets.

Many small and medium-sized companies do not get value from such implementation or cannot afford it. They resort to manual data crunching to get business insights.

qrunchin works from everyday raw spreadsheets and requires neither a data infrastructure nor a bespoke development. It delivers insights to users within seconds.

For more details, qrunchin is compared with several solutions on our Comparison page.

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