AI built for numbers


qrunchin’s technology enables data analysis in the AI era.
It is built for numbers, so it is accurate, auditable, and it never hallucinates.
It delivers instant data analysis, a new approach to data analysis that allows for the immediate, automated processing of raw data into business insights and analytics.
As a result, professionals benefit from increased efficiency and speed of data analysis, full accuracy and auditability of insights, and reduced dependence on data experts and resources.
Below is a comparative overview of its capabilities with raw tabular data including spreadsheets:

Automatic data preparation

The first technical domain is automatic data preparation. It includes the tabular data identification, structuring, cleaning and enrichment.
It is illustrated in the following diagram:

Insights generation

The second technical domain is automatic or on-demand insights generation. It includes the fully auditable data querying, visualization, and change drivers explanation.
It is illustrated in the following diagram:
qrunchin deck
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