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General Questions

qrunchin is a data analysis tool that turns any spreadsheet into insights in one click.

It helps professionals understand performance faster, more accurately, with no extra work or data resources.
qrunchin is designed for professionals who use spreadsheets: consultants, auditors, accountants and financiers who receive data from their clients through Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets documents.

Before using qrunchin, those professionals spent countless hours crunching data manually.

With the help of qrunchin, they have evolved to understand performance fast, accurately, and drive business decisions.
Users drop their everyday raw spreadsheets in qrunchin.

qrunchin’s AI identifies and analyzes relevant data from those spreadsheets. It then generates business insights and analytics on the fly, including charts, KPIs, and commentary.
Professionals mostly use qrunchin to get data insights, understand business performance, drill down into performance root causes, build and share weekly/monthly business updates, and run ad hoc data analyses.
Other analytics and business intelligence solutions, such as Tableau or PowerBI, require the implementation and management of a data infrastructure that migrates data away from spreadsheets.

Many small and medium-sized companies do not get value from such implementation or cannot afford it. They resort to manual data crunching to get business insights.

qrunchin works from everyday raw spreadsheets and requires neither a data infrastructure nor a bespoke development. It delivers insights to users within seconds.

For more details, qrunchin is compared with several solutions on our Comparison page.
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Performance and formats

qrunchin is regularly benchmarked against panels of advanced spreadsheet users.

On average, qrunchin is 20x faster at producing base analyses that include charts, KPIs and commentary.

On average, qrunchin is 50x faster at producing in-depth analyses that include data drill-down and root cause analyses.
qrunchin does not intend to replace spreadsheet software solutions such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Instead, qrunchin eliminates manual data crunching for analysis by turning spreadsheets into business insights and analytics in seconds.

Other activities such as forecasting are not handled by qrunchin, and may require different solutions.
qrunchin’s algorithms understand everyday raw spreadsheets that contain data of any nature. No template is provided, and no pre-formatting is required.

To date, qrunchin has successfully identified and crunched relevant data in over 80% of XLS (and XLSX) files and over 99% of CSV files submitted by users.
qrunchin supports files in XLS, XSLS and CSV formats.

Depending on user demand, more file formats may be supported in the future.
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We ensure that data is kept private, safe and secure through our infrastructure, technology, policies, and procedures across all qrunchin’s activities.

This includes product security, data security, availability and reliability, incident management and response, business continuity policies, privacy management, and organization security.

For more details, our security measures are described in our Security page.
qrunchin is built with data privacy and security in mind on Google Cloud Platform, with end-to-end encryption. It is a trusted state-of-the-art data infrastructure, the same platform that powers Gmail and Google Drive.

qrunchin does not store spreadsheets, but only stores the indicated data extracts relevant to data analysis.

Data is encrypted in transit for all plans, and encrypted at rest in Enterprise plans.
The indicated data extracts relevant to data analysis are stored by qrunchin on Google Cloud Platform, in the USA.

qrunchin does not store spreadsheets.
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Pricing and plans

The Pro plan is designed for individuals, the Team plan caters to team needs with additional features like role-based access control. The Business plan further includes deck lock, audit logs, and more storage, while the Enterprise plan offers customized data points, SSO, and encryption at rest.
No, there are no hidden or additional costs. Your subscription covers all features mentioned in your plan. However, if you wish to upgrade or add more data storage capacity, additional charges will apply.
All our clients have access to our self-serve knowledge base, email support, and live chat support. Additionally, Business and Enterprise plan subscribers receive phone support and have a dedicated success manager.
Yes, you can cancel at any time. The subscription will continue to run until the end of the month of cancellation. The prorated outstanding months will be refunded to you.
You can easily upgrade your plan at any time. Changes take effect immediately. When you upgrade, the prorated additional cost for the outstanding months will be charged.
Yes, we offer a free 14-day trial for you to explore the benefits of qrunchin. We want you to experience its capabilities before making a commitment.

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