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Data power without data resources

Data, a competitiveness issue
Most companies cannot compete in our fast-changing world because they do not understand what is happening fast enough.
Their valuable data is found in impractical databases and time-consuming spreadsheets, so their business insights are late and limited.
Existing business intelligence and analytics solutions require heavy data infrastructure and resources. Most companies, however, cannot afford it.
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Our mission
Our mission is to help businesses compete in a data-driven world.
We give data power to all companies without data resources.
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Greater speed, greater insights
qrunchin was founded in 2022 by Rene-Andre Yebakima, following his career in corporate finance. During his time at Fortune 500 companies and technology start-ups, he repeatedly faced the challenges of limited business insights and the need for accelerated data analysis, inspiring him to create a new type of solution.
Driven by a passion for data and a desire to level the playing field, the company went on to develop instant data analysis. It turns any spreadsheet into insights in one click, transforming the way businesses access and utilize their data.
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Our values
We believe in empowering our employees, partners, and customers by providing the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to succeed.
We foster a culture of equality, promoting diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities for all. We are dedicated to treating everyone with respect and fairness, creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and can thrive.
We believe in challenging the current ways of thinking and breaking through boundaries to deliver innovative solutions. We encourage our team to question the status quo, embrace new ideas, and shift paradigms.
We champion self-reliance and ownership, encouraging our team to be proactive, inquisitive doers. We prioritize acquiring reusable internal knowledge across all business aspects, cultivating a structured and efficient online work environment.
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