All data insights, zero time spent

All data insights,

zero time spent

qrunchin turns any spreadsheet into insights in one click.
So professionals understand performance with no extra work or data resources.
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The efficiency needed for business

When time or resources matter, professionals choose qrunchin to:
qrunchin benefit
cut out manual
data crunching
qrunchin benefit
understand every facet
of performance
qrunchin benefit
focus on
business decisions

How it works

qrunchin’s AI analyzes any spreadsheet instantly. No more manual data crunching.

1. Drop a file

Upload file
qrunchin’s algorithms understand raw data from 9 out of 10 spreadsheets.

2. Get insights

Get insights
80% of files are processed under a minute.
Analyses are generated in a click.

3. Drive decisions

Drive decisions
Make every hour count, share what matters, and get to the critical discussions.

Drag a spreadsheet. Job done.

Empowering professionals with faster, more accurate performance insights

Insights in one click

Analyses with charts, KPIs, and commentary generated on the fly by qrunchin’s landmark algorithms
Natural language

Fast, flexible deep dives

From thoughts to results in instants, for different or complementary perspectives on performance

Performance drivers, detailed

Going beyond surface-level analysis, helping teams find out the reasons behind the changes
Drivers of change
Deck export

Presentations, done

Analytics turned into PPT and PDF slides in seconds for tailor-made management presentations

Data, made private

qrunchin is built with data privacy and security in mind, on a trusted data infrastructure.

Proven infrastructure

End-to-end encryption on the Google Cloud Platform. The same platform that powers Gmail and Google Drive.

Smart access control

Complete control over who can see, edit and comment on each data item. Edited any time needed.
Access control

Focus on business impact

Focus shifts from spreadsheets to decisions within 3 months of using qrunchin.


time spent manually
crunching numbers in spreadsheets
deeper insights
shared across teams


time spent collaborating
and driving decisions

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